C.B.S.E. Cluster - IV and Cluster- V Football                (Boys) Tournament -2018-19
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Dear Parents,,
           The B.K.S. Vidya Mandir, Mathura has shown a tremendous effort over the years and has maintained an excellent standard of education. This is because of the unconditional support of teachers, parents and student. The glory of school has not only achieved excellence in academics but also in the field of extra-curricular activities, sports and in other fields. School is providing the latest infrastructure which proves to be helpful in improving the standard of education. Success in education depends upon the healthy relations of teachers, students and parents. To ensure it, school organizes parents-teacher meeting at least once in a month, where we get feedback from the parents which help us to go ahead with improvements. The school diary must be used as a tool to bring transparency between parents, teachers and students. To get best from the school for your wards, you are advised to keep close contact with school authorities. I shall further request the parents to see the diary regularly and sign it every day so that you may keep yourself update about the performance of your ward. Remarks given by the teachers should be given due attention. If it is observed that your ward is not showing the desired progress, you please feel free to talk to PRO or Principal. As we know one is not born a genius, one becomes genius. This can be done by the joint efforts of the parents, teachers and the healthy coordination among them. I believe in the words of Robert Frost who says,.
“Woods are lovely dark and deep, I have promises to keep, Miles to go before I sleep and Miles to go before I sleep”.With warm regards,